How to Use Diamond Wire Saw Correctly

How to Use Diamond Wire Saw Correctly

When using the diamond wire saw to cut stone, only by using the diamond wire saw correctly can the maximum cutting efficiency and cutting life of the diamond wire saw be guaranteed and the cutting cost be reduced.

The methods for the correct use of diamond wire saws include: appropriate tension control, preloading of plastic injection diamond wire saws, connection methods for diamond wire saws, requirements for the alternate use of new and used diamond wire saws during the cutting process, requirements for the mixed use of new and used diamond wire saws, maintenance, repair of diamond wire saws, and the correct placement of cooling water.

Tensioning Force of Diamond Wire Saw

Because diamond wire saws are flexible cutting tools, appropriate tensioning forces must be applied to diamond wire saws during use to make them both rigid and flexible, in order to ensure their optimal cutting efficiency, best-cutting quality, and longest service life. The amount of tension applied to a diamond wire saw is related to some factors, such as the application of the diamond wire saw, service length, diamond wire saw structure, the diameters of the diamond beads and wire rope, and the length of the cutting surface.

When cutting stone slabs and special-shaped stone products, in order to ensure good surface and shape quality of the cutting objects, it is necessary to maintain a relatively high rigidity of the diamond wire saw during cutting, and minimize the vibration of the diamond wire saw. Therefore, a relatively large tensioning force should be applied to the diamond wire saw. Diamond wire saws used on fixed cutting equipments/machines such as rough stone block shaping machines or stone special-shaped machines typically have a cutting surface length of 1.2-4m, a wire saw the length of 16-24m, and a diamond bead diameter of 8.7-9 2 mm, with a wire rope diameter of 3.5~4.8mm. The diamond wire saw is of a plastic injection structure, and the tension acting on each pair of diamond wire saws is generally around 3000~6000 N.

When mining or shaping rough stone block, although the cutting area is larger and the diamond wire saw used is longer, but the quality requirements of the cutting surface is relatively lower. In the cutting process, with the cutting area in the gradual reduction, diamond wire saw length because of the reduction of the cutting surface and cutting position change, also in the continuous change. Therefore, when mining or shaping rough stone blocks, even using diamond bead diameter 11~12mm and wire rope diameter 4.9mm, also can use relatively low tension force. This not only will not affect the diamond wire saw cutting quality and efficiency, but also will reduce the diamond wire saw breakage opportunities.

Pre-loading Rotation of Diamond Wire Saw

Before connecting the plastic injection diamond wire saw into a closed cutting ring, it is necessary to apply pre-load rotation to the diamond wire saw before connecting. Because the diamond beads of the plastic injection diamond wire saw are fixed on the steel wire rope, if not pre-load rotation, only by the natural rotation of the steel wire rope, is not able to make the diamond wire saw in the cutting process to maintain the autorotation, the result will lead to diamond bead outer circle of a side always contact with the cutting surface, make the diamond bead single side excessive wear (also known as partial grinding), which will reduce the service life of the diamond rope saw. The function of pre-load rotation is to ensure that when cutting, the wire rope with diamond beads around its own axis non-stop rotation, so that diamond beads wear evenly.

For spring type diamond wire saw, the diamond beads and wire rope are rotatable between them, so there is no need to preload the rotation before connecting the spring type diamond wire saw into a closed ring, which can also ensure that the diamond beads can rotate freely during the cutting process and there will be no bias grinding of the diamond beads.

Diamond wire saw preload rotation of the number of turns by the length of diamond wire saw, new and old degree decision. Diamond wire saw in the fully new or almost new situation, pre-load rotation of the lap number can be appropriately reduced, in order to reduce after many times use of the diamond wire saw fatigue, on the wire saw rotation ability to bring the impact, the used diamond wire saw pre-load rotation lap number to increase accordingly. Usually, each meter diamond wire saw should preload rotation 1.5-2 turns.

The below diagram is the diamond wire saw pre-load rotation diagram.


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